What do I want my kids to be when they grow up?


A couple of weeks ago my five year old started kindergarten. Yes, kindergarten. We dressed him in his approved uniform, strapped his see through backpack loaded with supplies to his back and sent him off into the public school system. My precious red-headed child who has to be tucked in every night. My precious boy who every day from nine weeks old until days before his fifth birthday had only attended one day care/pre-k program his entire life. He walks the halls and everyone knows who he is, he knows who they are. And we went to this huge school with the halls full of children, parents, faculty and staff and not one familiar face amongst them. I’m not sure if the adjustment period is harder for him or me!

This adjustment period has made me think, however, about what I want for my child. It’ obvious that I want him to be kind, to be intelligent and work hard in school. I want him not to hit my friend’s kid when they invite us into their home. I want him to come home every day on “green light” and not yellow or red. But what else? What would seem obvious is that I want him to be musically inclined. While I love the fact that he loves music and strumming my guitar, I want it to be his choice. I want him to be able to decide to love music like I did. Sports? I used to kid that I’d die if my child was a jock, however this weekend I’ll be taking him to his first football tryouts! And it was my idea!

I’ve also spent time thinking about him and his friends, and even more so this year. You see most of the kids from his Pre-K class went to a different school this year. There are few other kindergartners at his school that he knew. I want him to find a good peer group and kids that he can hang out with and spend the night with and share secrets with. I want him to be…dare I say it…popular. I kept thinking about how I wanted him to have lots of friends and not be teased like I was in school, never thinking about the fact that if he’s not being teased, chances are he could be the teaser? I can handle a little jock, the ball games and tournaments, but do I want him to be the jock who laughs at the drama kid? The one who pushes the band geek? Do I want him to be the kind of kid who makes others miserable like I was? My only hope is to teach him compassion. To expose him to different types of people in different situations. To instill values and to help him see that everyone is different and we are all special. According to him, he already understands that, I just hope he can translate it to other people. At this point, he doesn’t even realize that there are racial differences with his friends. He plays with one boy at school and it’s more important to him that he’s taller than this kid than if the other child has “brown skin.” I’m terrified to think of a days where that will make a difference.

I want him to have the courage to follow his own path and the compassion to respect everyone else’s path as well.


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  1. Hubby
    Aug 24, 2011 @ 21:13:08

    I just hope he does well enough to take care of us old folks when he is older.


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