…happily ever after, part 1

from www.watchwithmai.com

Last week we got not one, but two fairytale and folklore themed shows.  Makes sense, doesn’t it?  I mean it was Halloween.  But, to have two go head to head on different networks seemed to me to aggressively try to corner the market on whimsy, or something.  I was kind of ambivalent because if it was Whimsy we wanted, we never EVER should have cancelled Pushing Daisies (you hear me, ABC?  The facts were those!).  But, I Tivo’d both shows mostly to see why, or if, we needed two.  What was the difference?  Was this like Coke vs. Pepsi and would wind up as a matter of personal preference?  (For the record, don’t even think about putting Pepsi anywhere near me.)  And will that preference “split the vote” in a way and make the ratings-scared networks pull the plug on both, prematurely?

All fairytales begin “Once Upon A Time” so we will too.  Right off the bat, the best thing this show has going for it is that it is on ABC and has carte blanche

To read the rest of this post, click here and to read part two of “…happily ever after” and my review of ‘Grimm’ click here.


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