…happily ever after, part 2

So, yesterday we reviewed ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time.’  Today we are talking about the other folklore-inspired offering this season, NBC’s ‘Grimm.”  Right off the bat, this struck me as a less than traditional take on the storybook elements it employs.  Our protagonist, Nick, is a small town cop who learns that his family has a mystery about it.  They are Grimms, or warriors of a kind who fight against ‘The Big Bad Wolves,’ in this case, literally.  His aunt comes to town and is attacked by a demony, wolfy creature.  Nick has to shoot it and it turns back into a human before the cops (the other cops) arrive.

Nick learns through his aunt that there are such monsters as exist in fairytales and that they aren’t merely stories.  She has been fighting them a long time and

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