Know what they call this in the ‘Couv? Barbeque weather!

I have been bagging on How I met Your Mother pretty hard lately, but tonight’s episode finally brought back the Good Stuff!  Let me be clear, I bashed HIMYM about their rehashing of various plot lines, episodes and devices.  But, tonight’s Disaster Averted managed to rehash in all the right ways, without feeling overdone.  It brought back old favorites in a  good way and left very little to feel irritated by.


1. Ted and his poor choices in boot-wear.  Ted used to insist he could pull off those awful red cowboy boots.  By comparison his pink rain boots were pretty funny, as was his reasoning.  Pink boots are easier to see from rescue helicopters.  Umm, ok.  I will let it slide because it was a good sight gag.

2. The Ducky Tie Resolution!  I KNEW there would come a time when Barney tried to weasel his way out of the Ducky Tie bet.  I loved the superhero story he wove regarding why he had to get rid of the tie (saving a child from falling off a building, naturally) even if I did see the tie gag coming from a mile away.  The best part of the gag, though, was….

3. Return of the Slap Bet!  I know that we all felt as Marshall did, a little anxious about the fact that we were down to but one slap.  Even though I was less than pleased by the last Slap Bet episode where he gives away a slap to either Robin or Ted on Thanksgiving, this Slap Bet storyline had lots going for it, including watching Marshall’s increasing desire to slap the crap out of Barney and Barney’s attempts to needle him  into doing it so that he would be out of slaps and have to renegotiate for more slaps.  The resolution was good, too, with the return of Lily acting as Slap Bet Commissioner.  Additionally, the Slap Bet story brought us…


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